10 Minute Vegan Poke Bowl

I recently switched to a whole foods plant based diet. What this means is that majority of the time I follow a vegan diet, eliminating all animal products. However, because I don't believe in feeling restricted on my diet, I also eat fish in moderation since it is one of my favorite foods. I went vegetarian last year for health and environmental purposes and loved it. It cured minor health concerns I had been having and helped me to loose a little extra weight. After moving to Costa Rica, I began eating meat again in moderation, as I wasn't in a situation where I had control over my diet. I could really tell a difference when I started eating meat and animal products again. It really solidified my belief in a diet that excludes animal products. I returned to the US again in mid-April and knew I wanted to go back to a meat-free lifestyle. The more I learned about a vegan diet, the more appealing I found it to be. I have been full vegan for a few weeks now and I have been enjoying cooking more than ever.

This poke bowl takes 10 minutes and is 100% vegan. I got most of my ingredients from Trader Joe's although they are relatively simple ingredients and you should be able to find them in most supermarkets.

I have had beyond my fair share of poke bowls and this is without a doubt top 5. It's a must try!


1) 1 cup of organic brown rice

2) 1/2 cup of shelled edamame

3) 1/2 small cucumber

4) 5 cherry tomatoes

5) 1/4 avocado

6) 1 pack of roasted seaweed

7) About 100g (or 1/2 package) of teriyaki flavored tofu

8) Coconut aminos (soy sauce substitute with less sodium) to taste

9) Sriracha to taste

10) Cilantro to be used for garnish

Given the fact that this is a 10 minute vegan bowl, I use rice that is already cooked and can be heated in the microwave for 90 seconds. Of course, you can cook your rice. I start by heating the rice and leaving it in the microwave until I'm ready to build my bowl.

Next, I chop all my toppings to my liking. I cube the avocado, cut the cherry tomatoes in fourths, cube the tofu, cut the roasted seaweed with clean kitchen scissors, and thinly slice the cucumber. The edamame came frozen so to defrost, I place it in a bowl and fill it with room temperature water. I leave it in the water until I've finished chopping my veggies and it thaws within 5 minutes.

Then I place the rice in the center of the bowl and put all my toppings around the sides. To finish, I add the coconut aminos to the entire bowl. I go light on this because I don't like it to taste overly salty but this is up to you. Then I drizzle Sriracha on top and add cilantro to the center for taste.

That's it! So simple and so good!

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